Businesses need to be creative when engaging the public in general and their customers in particular. Advertising in media platforms is great but it is not the only way to reach out to target demographics. Sometimes giving away promotional products can be just as effective or even better. These are usually low-cost items with excellent utility. People will be glad to have them because they can meet certain needs. The business can stamp their logo on the items for identification.

Why Give Away Promotional Products?

1. Spread Brand Awareness

It’s a subtle way of advertising the brand. This might even have greater penetration than typical ads since people usually take these items home with them. Their family and friends can see these every day if they choose to use the promotional products. Many will get curious and ask about it. This is a great way to start conversations about the company and spread awareness through word of mouth. This form of advertising will also last much longer than TV ads which are seen for only a few seconds.

2. Promote Customer Loyalty

These items are typically given to customers as thanks for their patronage. They will surely appreciate these tokens as a recognition of their support for the brand. It will increase their loyalty to the company as they know that they don’t only get great products. They get cool freebies as well. Every time they use the item and see the logo, they will be reminded of where they got it and associate good things with it.

3. Increase Repeat Sales

Indeed, they will probably increase their purchases with the brand. The constant reminders around the house will encourage them to get things sooner rather than later. The loyalty will prevent them from entertaining products from other brands. It has been shown through studies that it is easier to get repeat engagements with past customers than to convince new people to buy into a brand. Businesses should take care of their consumer base and keep them happy. Promotional products help in this regard.

Promotional Product Ideas

1. Power Banks

There is an endless list of things that you can give out. Choose based on your budget and niche. For example, If you have a shop that sells or repairs phones, then a perfect giveaway would be power banks. These will be extremely useful for those who are often outside without access to an electrical outlet.

2. Hand Sanitiser

You should also seize the opportunities presented by current trends. For example, people are highly conscious about hygiene these days because of the pandemic. You might consider giving away hand sanitiser to help them avoid infections. These are hard to find in some places so they will definitely be thankful if you can provide it for them.

3. Ballpoint Pens

One popular item across the decades has been ballpoint pens. Everyone uses them from time to time for personal and business needs. They are often misplaced so people always need a new one. If you can provide a high quality pen that writes smoothly, then they will be sure to keep it close at all times.

4. Coffee Mugs/Water Bottles

People who are working at an office whether at home or at a corporate headquarters will need hydration within easy reach. Give them coffee mugs or water bottles to meet this essential need and you can earn their approval. Make sure that these have a nice design and are of high quality. For water bottles, provide something that is BPA-free. Insulated metal water bottles are all the rage these days so consider those as well.

5. Keychain Lights

Everyone needs keychains to keep their house keys, car keys, and other keys organised. Those with built-in LED lights can be incredibly handy in the dark. When parking at a dimly-lit area, they can be used to search for the car without fumbling. When going home at night, they can illuminate the path that leads to the door.

Promotional products are extremely beneficial for both the business that give them away and the recipients who eventually use them. If your company is looking for new ways of marketing, then consider taking this route.